Kenny Cox MSc CUA

UX Researcher/Designer and Certified Usability Analyst

Born in Belize. Raised in LA. Living in UK.

Ready for Tomorrow.

Since graduating with a Masters degree in International Innovation from Lancaster University (Top 10 UK University), I have been to numerous countries ( Copenhagen, India, and Brussels) to complete UX specialist courses.


Hi i'm Ken :)

DT (Design Thinking) HCI, UX/UI, UCD, CRO, HTML, CSS, IOT, AR, VR, MR,

UCD vs HCI vs DT = UCD focus area is HCI (human computer interaction) and Both Design Thinking and UCD is about putting yourself in the shoes of the user. UCD focuses on User Interfaces and DT is extremely valuable for the discovery/research phase in UCD.

Naturally inquisitive, I find myself speaking to anyone and everyone who is willing to share their stories with me. Outgoing and being vocal helps me communicate well which helps uncover insight which is used to enhance the user experience.

Glass Blowing 2017

Honesty, Smart/Hard work, passionate, curious by nature and most of all, I love to travel (anywhere), explore (rabbit holes) and meet all sorts of interesting characters (You?). These experiences help me become a better Person, which in turn makes me a better Researcher/Designer, which in turn produces better solutions (that stakeholders want).

Skydiving 2015

I welcome a challenge, adventure and being outside of my comfort zone, for example learning Chinese Mandarin (HSK2 level) to help me get around China easier, I speak English fluently, and I can speak Spanish Intermediately.

My career path illustrates that I am driven, determined and passionate about UX Research.

Photography and traveling are two of my favorite things to do.
Photography and traveling are two of my favorite things to do.

I get my kicks out of uncovering user insight that can be turned into informed design decisions that increase ROI, decrease training costs and help desk calls and most importantly, I produce real world solutions for real world problems that both internal and external stakeholders want.

I really enjoy taking things apart and seeing how things work. I thrive under pressure and exceeding my boundaries by going the extra mile.

When I am not studying, I like to travel, scuba dive, play chess, pool, poker, and I enjoy solialising with friends, colleagues and like minded people.