Kenny Cox MSc CUA

UX Researcher/Designer and Certified Usability Analyst

UX International Research Project

Project Summary

The brewery was interested in expanding beyond the UK’s boundaries and sought to introduce a range of beers into Guangzhou’s (China) beverage market.

My role: collaborate with two other researchers to complete this project, which was scheduled to take place between November 2016 to February 2017.

Understand: identify who are the target market consumers (retail and wholesale), and the customer lifecycle, competition, and any branding conflicts due to internationalisation.


UX research in the form of conducting field research, contextual interviews, (Qualitative) surveys, market research, and focus groups.

Types of Metrics and Measurement: Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative and Competitive


Collect and analyse consumers and market data through various forms:
1. Audio – Interviews conducted per case story basis
2. Video – Videos shot during multiple promotional events.
3. Imagery – Photographs taken during multiple promotional events.
4. Surveys - Any comments or suggestions provided section should yield insightful data.
5. Interviews – during these functions, I will ask consumers a series of questions relating to the products and take notes during the process.


1. Adobe (Audition, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator)
2. Camera (Images/Audio/Video)
3. Laptop
4. Flight to China, learned Mandarin (HSK2)

UX Design Strategy

After distilling the research in Guangzhou, I created UX design elements using Photoshop to have coherency within the local and international team. Working with two researchers, we conducted multiple research activities to complete our objectives by incorporating the double diamond process.

Double Diamond Process

UX Methods

Field Research
As part of the field research, the team and I participated in a beer brewing process, which allowed us to gain first-hand experience about the process from start to finish. This approach proved very rewarding and provided a deeper understanding of the complexities, which could affect the business strategy later down the road.
Field Research

Expert Interviews (Qualitative) were undertaken with key staff, in particular John from the Hops (Owner), Tom McCawley (Owner) and Bar Manager (Carrot). Interviews used guiding questions and helped discover particular preferences of the consumer, which provided invaluable data.

Audio files:

Video files:

Guiding questions

Focus Group - Qualitative Research

Event Description: Brewery launches its core range in Guangzhou, China, December 2016.

A series of Focus Groups were held, a set of open-ended questions were asked to consumers to get a better understanding of what they thought about the products style, sight, smell, taste, and bitterness.

Focus group (PDF)

Audio Interviews

Carlsberg popularity

Hopps draft beer stronger than lager

Location! Location! Location!

Ideal beer attributes for retailers

Key Kegs

Key Kegs

Video Interviews

1. Customer preference

2. Craft beer in demand

3. Hopps draft beer stronger than lager

Design Deliverables

Customer Profiles, Storyboard Customer Journey, Service Blueprint, Customer Segment, Ideal Product Attributes, and Market Insight.

Customer Profiles - Chinese affluent consumer profile.

View Online Channels - Chinese affluent consumer online surfing channels.

Storyboard customer journey - Current state: These journey maps illustrate what your customers do, think, and feel as they interact with your business today. Couples purchasing drinks at a local affluent bar and restaurant.

Service Blueprint - Couples purchasing drinks at a local affluent bar and restaurant.

Customer Segment - Four parts of the market segments described.

Ideal Product Attributes - Male and Female Chinese consumer hypothesised ideal products attributes.

Owner and Management Insight - Over 50 combined years experience running successful businesses in Guangzhou China.

S.W.O.T. Analysis - McCawley’s bar and grill is the source for data.



Merchants Co Weiss



Oldmate Pale Ale

Cider Selection

Cornish Orchids Ginger Beer




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