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I graduated from Lancaster University in 2017 and I have been studying and traveling ever since. I had a few operations in between, hence the down time, please get in touch for details. Below are a few designs to illustrate that I can get the job done. My masters is in International Innovation from Lancaster University whereby I studied Design Thinking.

UX Designs

Axure, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere and Arduino were used to complete the projects below.

HTML, CSS and JS2018

XD Website menu converted to HTML, CSS, and JS View the XD Website menu (video).

Sketching and Prototyping 2018

Let's Shop E-Commerce






Sketches are the best way to get results quickly, it's a cheap way to get feedback to workout all the bugs of the system before investing further resources.

After concentrating on the UX e-commerce guidelines provided by Baymard Institute (www.baymard.com), I created (sketched) low-fidelity wireframes to iterate through design options quickly.

Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator was used to create higher-fidelity prototypes and the wireframes helped me strategize and refine the flow and the feel of the shopping app.

Sketching Process 1

Sketching Process 2

Sketching Process 3

Sketching Process 4

Sketching Process 5

Sketching Process 6

Sketching Process 7

Adobe XD

After the sketching process is completed, I use Adobe XD to design Interactive User Interfaces.

XD Let's Shop UI (video) and XD Let's Shop UI (Image)

XD - V-Commerce(video)

XD Dashboard UI (Image)

XD Space UI (video)

XD Overlay (video)

Explore Scenes (video)

Desktop - Field Research (video)

XD Mobile menu 1 (video)

XD Mobile menu 2 (video)

XD Hire me cards (video)

XD Musiq (video)


Interactive prototyping

UX Research, Analysis and Design 2017+

Service Design Thinking and Ethnographic Research, Heuristic Analysis .PDF
360 camera and A-frame Research

Research and Innovation (AR and IoT) 2016+


IOT: SmartClip Research Project .PDF and Supporting video

Augmented Reality Research Project

AR Analysis
AR final concept boardgame
Infographic Padddington boardgame - View Supporting Video
Augmented Reality Package Concept

Design Materials 2016+

Provisional Persona profile 1
Provisional persona Profile 2
Persona Profile
Customer Journey Map
Service Blueprint
Perceptual Mapping
Brand Identity Creation

Undergrad Materials 2014-2015

HCI - Smarthome UI - Class Diagrams - Storyboarding - Reports

Home Control App Click start and enter "admin" for the username, and "password" for the password, then click the "enter" button to start, or Skip the intro.
- App Designed in Flash

Smartwatch Designed in Flash
Annotation for Smartwatch
HCI Smartwatch Report PDF

Spacerace Game - Designed in Flash
Spacerace Description
Spacerace Class Diagram
Spacerace Storyboard


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